Fabulous Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Still scratching your head at what to get your dad for fathers day this year? Fed up of buying socks and mugs? Want something personalised and unique? Then look no further, because Don Burns 27 has an impressive range of gifts on offer perfect for any man cave.

Don’t see anything you like? James’ creations can be made to order, so you can have the perfect customised gift.  Plus, if you buy from James you will be helping support a local independent business!

Don Burns 27 was established in 2015 by creative enthusiast James Langdon, when he decided to turn his hobby of wood burning into something more profitable.

I caught up with James to find out why he decided to start a business, and what plans he has for the future…

So James, tell me, how did the idea for Don Burns come about?

I started in 2015 after being inspired by a piece of furniture I saw on Pinterest that had been wood burned using a pyrography pen (pyrography is the correct term for the wood burning craft). The lady who designed the piece was incredibly talented and sparked the idea for me to try pyrography! I was working at a billboard workshop at the time so I had access to a lot of timber and power tools to where I could practice the craft and make wooden items to burn!

The name simply comes from Langdon Burns wood… I took off the Lang & wood and Don Burns was born. The number 27 is the age is started and is also my birth date: 27/03/1988. I also like to think of the number 27 and 2 x lucky number 7 as my father has always said “your Lucky Langdon kid”.

What was your favourite thing to make?

My favourite things I’ve made so far would be the Stag head, Pine tree and Western cannon as they were the first ever pieces I designed. (only 2 remain as I’ve sold the Stag head) Also this floral mirror I designed for a customers home. It took me a good couple of months working on it around my full time job but loved every minute and the customer is very pleased with the result.

What are you plans for the future of the business?

My plan for the future is to expand and create a whole range of products to suit everyone not just limited to a ‘Man cave’. I’m currently working on designs for women, kids, shops, offices, gardens cafes and bars. They will include useful items people can use everyday such furniture & storage to jewellery/memory boxes to kitchenware and children’s board games not just wall decor or art. My list is of possibilities is endless! The current catalog of my items at this moment of time is small but still growing so watch this space!

What advice would you give for anyone turning a hobby into a business?

My advice for people turning a hobby into a business is to stick at it, don’t let negativity from anyone hold you back and only do it for the passion and because its what you enjoy doing. Yes there may be an income to earn but don’t let that be the focal point. As soon as its only for the cash then you’ve lost the reason why your doing it in the first place.

I’m hoping to have my website open very soon so look out for Donburns27.com


If you like Don Burns 27, you can check out more of his work by following any the links below – Lets support independent businesses! 


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