IPhone to android: The dreaded transition

Last week I went to meet my dad for lunch. A quick toilet break resulted in me leaving with my iPhone smashed to smithereens. The only huge downside to the iPhone is that they aren’t very resilient if dropped. Saying that, I knew this and still had no case so it’s kind of my own fault. My first tip, if you have an iPhone GET A CASE.

Anyway enough about my stupidity!

I need my phone. I rely on it. Not only is it important because I have the kids but I need it for blogging and social media. I would be totally lost without it. I knew I would be paying at least £75 for a new screen and I thought to myself, shall I just get a cheaper replacement?

So that’s exactly what I did.

I’d had android phones before and always liked them but when the iPhone came out I was sucked in to the consumerism and my days of android were gone. I’d had Samsungs in the past and I always thought they were better but after a while I just got used to Apple and kept myself stuck in a rut.

This time though my budget wouldn’t even allow a decent Samsung. I only had £100 to play with and I wanted a phone that had a good operating system. I ended up going for the HUAWEI P8 LITE and boy was I pleasantly surprised!

It looks so similar to the iPhone 6, its slim and sleek. It has an amazing swift keyboard so I can write really easily with it. It’s good on sound, the camera isn’t as good as the iPhone or Samsung models but at only £130 from the car phone warehouse it really is a steal.

The only major downside for me really is that Apple have the best apps and I’ve struggled finding alternative android apps for apps such as Over or Hootsuite Enhance. I’m hoping I’ll find some good alternatives but its trial and error at the moment.

Are you on android? What are the best apps for blogging and creating graphics? Any advice would be appreciated.

For now I’m just getting used to this new phone but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, you’re only paying for the name. This phone works in exactly the same way the iPhone does except minus a few features. Oh and that includes the emoji keyboard which I must admit I am missing like crazy. But all in all I’d say, for the price it’s a pretty decent phone!

Love, Laura xoxo


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