Love & Romance with Laura: My First Q&A

Valentines Day has been and gone, but I’m not ready to stop talking love and romance just yet. I decided to use the theme of this week to introduce my first Q&A blog post. Luckily I have some lovely followers on Twitter who were kind enough to provide me with some questions, but this is a first for me – so here it goes! 

10 Questions about Love & Romance 

What is your favourite rom com/romantic movie? asked by @BethHalligan 

I love watching films, and there is definitely more than one that has hit me right in the feels, so it feels almost impossible to choose! One film that encapsulates love and romance for me is; Indecent Proposal. Not only has it got a killer cast with Robert Redford, Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson (need I say more?). It shows why and how love isn’t always straightforward, but ultimately how it isn’t comparable to money and success. It shows that love eventually conquers all even if it’s not always perfect. I’m unsure as to whether you’d class it as a rom-com but for my less serious romantic film, I’d say 500 days of Summer is one of my all-time favourites. I can definitely relate to Summer in this film, and it doesn’t have a predictable happy ever after ending which I think is a true reflection on love in real life.

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What are the key qualities you look for in a partner? – @BethHalligan

I know this is pretty predictable but if someone can make me laugh, and not take themselves too seriously then that’s half of the battle won when it comes to dating me. Another key thing for me is passion. There is nothing sexier than someone who is passionate and ambitious. I don’t necessarily mean successful either. Being passionate about what you love to do is a real turn on in my eyes. Empathy is also very important to me, I can’t get down with someone who lacks empathy and compassion for others. Failing that, beards and brown eyes!

When do you know you’re in love? @beardedigorblog

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been in love so this is a tough one, but one way I determine if I’m falling for someone is by getting important news, good or bad. Usually if I’m falling in love, then I’ll want to share my news with that person before anyone else and I’ll rush to text them or phone them. So, to answer the question simply, I know I’m in love when that person is at the forefront of my mind.

What’s the biggest mistake guys make when approaching a woman for the first time? @IntrovertsGTL

Just sliding in my DM’s with ‘Hi’ – I’m just kidding, well I’m not but seriously, a lot of interaction online can be pointless and that puts me off straight away. I can’t speak for all women, but I find I get a lot of backhanded compliments. Which is basically a passive aggressive comment that I’m supposed to feel validated and impressed by. My advice if you want a genuine interaction with a woman, especially online, show you’re interested in her as a person. Only give genuine compliments. If for example, she’s a writer don’t just tell her that her work is good, if you don’t think it. Read her work, reference things within her writing to start a conversation and show you’re interested in more than her aesthetic, it goes a long way.  

How would I spend my perfect Valentine’s Day? @AmandaBlind1

I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to love. I’d much prefer something intimate and personal over a meal in a posh restaurant or a stay in a lifeless hotel chain. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’d be nice but personally I’d prefer to do something fun that we can do together, like Go-Karting or Escape rooms, or Arcades. Failing that a home cooked meal, with a personalised playlist and a romantic film or filling up a picnic basket with my favourite foods & wine and parking up somewhere with a killer view.

What’s the most romantic thing you ever done for someone? @PoeticJustice23

I’m a really romantic person when I want to be. I did a few things for my boyfriend when we were together that were pretty sweet, but the key to romance I think is; listening. When we first met there were little things he would tell me, and I’d always incorporate those things when I treated him. For example, he said when he was younger that he always wanted a Mr Frosty Ice Maker, but his parents never got him one, so that year I searched high and low to find one and finally got him his Mr Frosty. He was also a huge fan of super cars, so I booked him a super car experience. One year for Valentines Day I managed to get him his favourite Xbox game, I hid it in the house and left clues for him to find it along with a weekend away in West Wales, but I was always doing sweet things. I love making people smile.

What’s the biggest indicator that someone is or isn’t getting past the 1st date? @OneMoreLightLB

I have to admit, I’m not very qualified when it comes to dating in the real world. In fact, I’ve only ever had one proper date that wasn’t a boyfriend. I’d definitely say the conversation is a clear indicator on how things are going. There is nothing worse than forced conversation, but if it is flowing well and I feel like I could talk to them more when the date finishes, then that to me tells me I’ll be seeing them again, so we can pick up where we left off.

Is there anyone at the present time you could picture yourself dating and possibly further, spending your life with? @AmandaBlind1

Absolutely, yes. There is someone, whether or not it will work out that way remains to be seen but that someone does exist.

Is it just the man that spoils the woman in a relationship? @WSGDecor

In my experience, I have always spoilt my partners. Before I became really unwell, I was working good jobs and was more than happy to dip into my own pocket for us to enjoy nice things. I’ve never expected a man to pay, and I don’t feel like the feeling of being out of control so I actually prefer to pay my own way, 90% of the time. I will accept gifts etc, but I’m not used to it so it can make me feel uncomfortable, I’m more relaxed treating someone than being treated – if that makes sense?

What is my love language? @BethHalligan

I liked this question because I got to learn something new. Until I read @my_lifelines post I didn’t know about the different languages of love, but after reading the post, I’d say that I definitely choose number 1, Words of Affirmation. I think it’s important to share how you feel about someone and tell them, and though some people can say actions mean more than words – I disagree. For me, words are important. They stick. That’s why it’s good to use them in the right way, and I couldn’t think of a better way than expressing your love for someone! You can see the different love languages & find out which one you use by checking out @my_lifelines post here


So, that’s it. A few of my thoughts on love & romance!

I hope you enjoy getting a little insight into my (lack of) love life x



  1. Lav Reply

    This just made me realise even more what a sweetheart you are. I love listening to people’s love lives, and I love talking about love. I love that you’re such a romantic and your ex was a lucky guy to have you, and hopefully you have some of that love left over for yourself because you deserve it. Also I loooove 500 days of Summer x

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