My Ultimate Guide to Easter 2018!

The air is getting warmer, and the nights are getting lighter and pretty soon springtime will be upon us. Spring is one of my favourite seasons, and one of the reasons for this is because springtime equals Easter! I love the Easter Holidays, and so do the kids but were always left with mountains of Easter Eggs that we struggle to eat. Last year I decided to do the kids a homemade hamper full of non chocolate treats and sweets. This year, in my search for alternative Easter gifts, I’ve decided to put together a list of my favourite things Easter related to share with you!

Easter Crafts

There are plenty of Easter craft ideas on Pinterest but if you’re stuck and want a quick fix there are plenty of put together, affordable Easter craft packs at places like Wilko and The Works. These Easter Bunny Glasses are a great crafty idea and at just a pound, a complete bargain. Why not put together an Easter craft hamper? Complete it with colouring books and some new colouring pens! Your kids will love it and its something you can do together.

Easter Egg Hunt

Combine your gifts with an Easter Hunt for that added excitement. Children love exploring, so an Easter egg hunt is sure to go down a treat. The works do an Easter egg hunt pack for just a pound. Or you can create your own. Here is a list of Unique Easter egg hunt inspiration to give you some ideas.

Unique Easter Eggs.

Make Easter special by getting an egg that will stand out from the rest. Take this Dinosaur Easter Egg from Chococo. Perfect for the little (or big) dinosaur lover in your life! These eggs are a bit pricey at £12 a pop but they are handmade so beautifully and definitely worth it.

They also have a beautiful unicorn edition egg, which I think is way to pretty to eat!

Suprise Eggs/Blind Bags

My kids absolutely LOVE a Suprise egg or blind bag. They love them so much that they enjoy watching other kids open them on YouTube! (Don’t ask!) I found these big Suprise eggs on amazon for £15, but if that is a bit over budget then you can pick up plenty of smaller ones in places like Home Bargains. That way, your kids are getting the excitement of Easter without too much chocolate!

Something to build.

Lego and Playmobil both have Easter edition sets on offer, but Lego can be a bit pricey. I love these Playmobil Eggs from John Lewis and you can pick them up for £6.99 each.

Local Easter Activities

There’s plenty to do in the Easter half term. In my hometown of Cardiff there’s a whole host of fantastic activities on offer, including a Dinosaur Hunt in Insole Court that the kids are sure to enjoy.

The National Trust have also teamed up with Cadburys to create a variety of Easter Egg hunts. Here are all the places in Wales that are taking part, including the stunning Dyffryn Gardens.

So there you have it, my ultimate guide to Easter 2018! However you decide to spend Easter this year, I hope you have a great one!


Laura xo

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