Sex, suicide and Serotonin: A Story of Strength

If you read one real life story this year, let this be it!

Stories of survival, courage and strength have always been my favourite type of story. So, when my copy of ‘Sex, Suicide and Serotonin’ got delivered, I had a feeling that I was going to enjoy it. The story is told by Debbie Hampton, now a successful writer, and strong influence in the fields of Mental Health and Brain Injury.

It wasn’t always that way though, and Debbie had to go through some majorly traumatic events in her life to be able to impart her wisdom. She recalls these events in her memoir with humility, humour and passion, so much so, that you almost forget that this is such a heart-wrenching story.

In her own, well-articulated words, Debbie takes us along on her journey to recovery following a very serious and life altering suicide attempt. The aftermath of which was a global acquired brain injury. Debbie had to learn to walk, talk, and live all over again.

I was alive, but life as I had known it, was over – page 55

But Debbie’s brain injury was only the beginning of a tumultuous journey of recovery and self-discovery. From the struggles of motherhood, to divorce proceedings, and family tragedy, Debbie’s story is one of inspiration and strength. Her openness and honesty throughout serve as a springboard for self-reflection, and I often found myself looking inwards at my own life and choices, finding hope in her words, that I am not alone.

I found myself really rooting for Debbie and with every page I turned I prayed for a good outcome. I especially resonated with her being a mum of three young boys myself. She made no excuses for the events that unfolded after the suicide attempt, and I felt the raw emotion in every word. Some of her recollections brought me to tears, forcing me to evaluate my own life choices in motherhood, and how they have impacted my children. It brings to light the messy, raw, and real emotions that a suicide attempt can bring to a person, and their entire family. It really makes you think.

Enlightening and Educational…

Sex, Suicide and Serotonin perfectly illustrates the complexities of living with a brain injury. Not only did I learn a lot about the author, I also learnt a lot about the Brain, and how important it is that I look after my own. I learnt in depth about various alternative therapies, and the pros and cons of each. Not only is Debbie’s story gripping, it’s also very enlightening and I finished the book knowing a lot more about my brain than I ever did before.

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear is that talking about suicide will inevitably cause it, but that is far from the truth. We need to have these conversations, and Debbie Hampton’s book is the cornerstone we require in order to start them. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that has an interest in mental health and the brain, but I recommend it also to those who are searching for hope, because if you have lost it, you’ll be sure to find some within the pages of this book.

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Trigger publishing is dedicated to giving a platform for people who have struggled with their mental health, to tell their stories, in hope of inspiring others. You can find this book and others just like it, at

All proceeds from sales go directly to the Shaw Mind Foundation, a charity that has a strong focus on Mental Health.

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