Self care when campaigning

Follow my blog with Bloglovin If you look around at the way the world is today it would be…

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Suicide is the biggest killer in men under 35

Men and Mental health: Music and recovery

In a recent blog post I talked about coping mechanisms for depression, and one of these was music. Music…

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Olanzapine Teva

Sick, not weak.

I thought about not posting this. I worried about what people would think of me. I wondered what would…

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My struggle with separation anxiety and socialising with other parents.

I’m not going to get the best parent in the world award after I admit this, but my son…

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Hard times reveal true friends!

Yesterday I visited a friend at her house for the first time. We knew each other through mutual friends…

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Congratulations, you’ve survived another year!

With our waistlines slightly fuller and our wallets less so, we’re now approaching the twilight zone between Christmas and…

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Laying on my sofa surrounded by a mountain of half eaten snacks, I flick aimlessly through the pages of…

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Explaining Bipolar Disorder to your children.

I don’t usually do off the cuff posts, but I felt that I had to share something with you…

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I am a mother and I have a mental illness..

Being a parent is hard, and having a mental illness is hard. But when you are a parent with…

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Coping at Christmas: putting on my ‘happy face’.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, right? Unless you’re anything like me. You see I really hate Christmas, but what…

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