The new Cardiff restaurant that you NEED to support!

I don’t usually blog about food, and so this post is going to be a little different, but there’s a reason behind it and a bloody good one if you ask me.  A friend and former manager of mine Phil Lewis is setting out on a new venture to open a sustainable restaurant in the heart of Cardiff, along with his wife Deb. They are currently sharing a kick-starter to help them begin their next venture (more on that in a moment) and I want to support them in the little way that I can.  If you’re from Cardiff, then you might know about Dusty Knuckle Pizza and how incredible their Pizza’s are.

(I have to confess, I haven’t had the pleasure of tasting one yet – but I know plenty of friends that would say how delicious they are) and I’m inclined to believe them as I was lucky enough to have a taste of Phil’s cooking/baking skills long before the birth of this now fully established Cardiff business.  

So why do I want this to happen? 

Once upon a time Phil was my manager whilst we were both working in the health and social care sector, and although he was great at what he did, I always knew that food was his true passion. We spent many a commute talking about his love for food, he introduced me to the River Cottage series and talked about how he would love to grow his own food with his family and create his own dishes one day. It was a hobby for him back then, and much to the dismay of my waistline he also liked to bring in treats for us when he had creative moments in the kitchen.  

I still remember one of the last days in my job. I had got a promotion and Phil wasn’t my manager any more so we didn’t get to chat as much as we used to. I remember seeing him in the office, he pulled me to one side and said he had this really crazy idea, and at that time I think that’s all it was – an idea, a vision. 

‘I’m going to call it Dusty Knuckle’ Phil proclaimed, clearly very proud of the play on words they had come up with.

Phil had progressed far in his career and this was going to be a big risk. I remember telling him to go for it, and joking about how I deserved free pizza for life for putting up with him! A few years pass by and the Dusty Knuckle restaurant opens on Llandaff Road. I felt like a proud little sister and I was so happy for Phil and his family because I knew how much they really deserved this. 

Now, Phil and Deb are taking an even bigger risk and I am absolutely certain this one is going to pay off just as well as the last, if not even more.  I have every faith that the pair are going to fulfil their mission to bring incredible tasting food to the centre of Cardiff, and not only will they be creating extraordinary dishes (I haven’t seen the menu, but I can guarantee it will be wild and wonderful) there will be a big emphasis on sustainability. From growing their own produce, to the plan of housing honey bees on the roof, rainwater recycling and perhaps the thing I’m most proud but equally not surprised at – the couples plans to have an employment scheme for disadvantaged groups. 

I’ve seen first-hand what an idea stemming from passion can create, it happened with Dusty Knuckle and I believe it can happen with the Warden’s House. We don’t need any more chain restaurants in Cardiff, we need to support local businesses, and we need to look after our environment and by pledging the kick-starter you’ll be doing both and at the same time making a Cardiff families dream come true. So what are you waiting for? 

Check out this video to find out more about the exciting plans! 


Please pledge your support and help the Lewis’ family bring a much needed unique experience to the doorstep of our city. 



All original images used were from Dusty Knuckle’s official Instagram page. For more great pictures of what you can expect, you can follow them here  



Good luck guys! x 

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